New Lync Meeting Icon #MissingLyncPizzaWheel

Lync CU2 introduced the Lync Meeting Tab or what I liked to called the PizzaWheel because the icon looked a lot like a pie or pizza.  This gave you the ability to access Lync Meetings directly from the client.


This morning my computer running Office 2013 Click-to-Run updated Office in the background and I noticed that the pizza wheel is no longer and has been replaced by a more traditional calendar icon.


In order for the meeting icon to be changed you need to ensure that both CU3/November patch is installed along with KB2837643 which includes the image dll files needed.  I suspect we will have issues again like we did with CU2 where people will not see the icon at all if this patch isn’t installed.


6 comments on “New Lync Meeting Icon #MissingLyncPizzaWheel”

  1. ucwarrior Reply

    Is it possible to manually download this update? Windows up is disabled on my desktop by GP

  2. ts Reply

    This is probably my favorite performance gain for the Lync client. Launching the meetings straight from the client is a more responsive experience.

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  4. Michael Reply

    I have the latest updates (kb2880980) but I still don’t see the calendar tab (meetings). What can I check more?

  5. HGM Reply

    March 2015: I still have this problem. I am using Lync 2013 version 15.0.4693.1000

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