Mastering Lync is a blog dedicated to Microsoft Lync Server 2013/2010 and occasionally Exchange 2013/2010.  Our goal is to try to cover everything from the basics to deep dive into the guts of Lync.  All content is written by Microsoft Certified Masters and since we know we aren’t the only blog on the planet, we will make sure to link to all of our MCM friends.

If you are a Lync MCM and your blog isn’t listed here (or if you want the link taken down) drop me an e-mail and I’ll fix it.

This blog is maintained by Richard Brynteson, Lync MVP, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Lync Server 2013, Microsoft Certified Master: Lync Server 2010 and Senior Systems Architect at Time2Market.

You can find me on twitter @rbrynteson

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