Quick Tip: SLA Errors – Just Ignore Them

If you have deployed CU1 for Skype for Business, enabled Shared Line Appearance and then looked at your event viewer it most likely looks a lot like this:


So after spending a few weeks with a PSS ticket I can tell you – in the words of all Novell support pages – a Cosmetic Issue and will be addressed in the future.  Was told that it won’t be in CU2 but most likely a roadmap item for CU3.  We all had a belief these messages meant absolutely nothing but good to have it verified by Microsoft.


3 comments on “Quick Tip: SLA Errors – Just Ignore Them”

  1. John Reply

    Way to many of those scary-looking Warning and Errors with Lync & SfB! It is shame you have to burn PSS hours to have MS investigate something they should already know the answer to

    • Jason Reply

      Don’t you get those hours back if it’s confirmed bug/issue on their side?

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