Revisiting spell check in Lync 2013

Last year when CU3 was released I posted a quick article on how to get spell check to work with Lync 2013 and Office 2010/2007 installed on the computer.  Since than, got a lot of great feedback and I wanted to pass along this find.  Credit goes completely to a reader (Brendan the true Captain Jack) for finding yet another way to get this to work.

If you are installing the Lync 2013 client via the “stand-alone package” and not using the full Office Pro Plus installer there are some options you want to be careful not to disable.  Below is a screenshot of the Microsoft Office Customization Tool which can be used to created your MSP for the Lync 2013 Stand-Alone installer – you will see Proofing Tools as an option.


Within the MSP, you have the ability to customize and include the Office Shared Features | Proofing Tools directly within the installer.  If you are working on your Lync client deployment for the first time, you should make sure to include these features.

What if I have Lync already installed without them?

You have two options:

1. Go to Programs and Features and select Lync 2013 and choose “Change” and select Add or Remove Features and add it back in.

2. Command line version.

  • Close the Lync Client
  • Open up the command prompt
  • Run this
  • msiexec.exe /I{90150000-012C-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE} /QB+ ADDSOURCE=ProofingParent
  • And than this
  • msiexec.exe /I{90150000-001F-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE} /QB+ ADDLOCAL=ALL
  • Launch Lync and you should be good to go

For French language you have msiexec.exe /I{90150000-001F-040C-0000-0000000FF1CE} /QB+ ADDLOCAL=ALL and Spanish is msiexec.exe /I{90150000-001F-0C0A -0000-0000000FF1CE} /QB+ ADDLOCAL=ALL

Enjoy and happy spell checking!

17 comments on “Revisiting spell check in Lync 2013”

  1. Timothy Jensen Reply

    Hello, Richard Brynteson I have a quick question. I cant find the answer for this anywhere on the internet and you seem to have the most information of any site (including Microsoft). How do I change my Lync display name? here is the scenario, I work in a place where 2 people share a computer and some days the people at each station are different so our Lync accounts and computers were set up as “station 1-2” “station3-4” etc. but for the many people we talk to during the day it would be nice if they knew who they were talking to without needing to make a signature, additionally they might need us before we need them and then they might not hacve a clue which station we are at. so is there a way to change the display name? the IT professional here didnt want to make 2 logins runnable on each computer so we can each have our own. thanks for your help, I am sorry if this is weird Im an automotive technician not a writer.
    Timothy Jensen

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  4. Thiago Tsai Reply

    Hi Richard,

    My Lync is doing spell check only in Portuguese. Do you know a way to change the language of spell checking? I do have other languages enabled in Word and Outlook.

    Thanks in advance.
    Thiago Tsai

    • Richard Brynteson Reply

      Based on my experience it’s based on the default language Office 2013. So if you installed Office Pro Plus Portuguese that is what I’ve always seen it default too. I’ll see if there is a way to change that.

  5. Yoann Reply


    I’m facing same problem as Thiago.
    Lync13 has been installed in french and it is making only french check spell. I would like to add english.
    I add inside languages preferences the english and put it as default but is doesn’t change so much.

    If you can find a solution it would be perfect.

  6. Pierre Reply

    same issue here, OS in English but regional setting are in French. Lync only spell-check in French and underlines all in English … 🙁

  7. Arpit Shukla Reply

    It works really fine the way its shown in the snapshot above for English. Thanks Richard !! Good Job done!!

  8. Arpit Shukla Reply

    • Open Control Panel and select Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 then click change. You will get the below window where select Add and Remove Features and click Continue –

    • Expand the listed features under Microsoft Office > Office Shared Features > Proofing Tools > Select English Proofing Tools and click Continue by highlighting the Run all form My computer

    • Finish the installation {NOTE : – Please close and exit all Office programs before doing this including Lync}

    • Open link once again and you will see the Spell Check will start working. Enjoy 

    I dont have permissions to add the snapshots otherwise i could have.

  9. MartinCP Reply

    Any comments on spell check in the new SfB client? – I’m interested in the behavior on spell check in SfB chat when using Office 2010 or 2013.

  10. Tawhid Reply

    Thank you so much! My two years of agony has just ended. I was using Lync 2013 in Win 7 64 bit machine.

  11. James Reply

    You are brilliant. Just received an appreciation mail from my boss, thanks to you.

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